Three short films based on "The Elephant In The Room"


“’The Elephant In The Room’ adds a healthy scoop of dark philosophy to the typically light fare of clowning."

 - D.C. Theatre Scene

“Gwirtz and Baumann have great energy, a quirky sense of humor, and are powerful physical comedians.”

 - D.C. Metro Theater Arts


4 stars from DC Metro Theater Arts! Read the full review online or as a PDF.
Another great review from DC Theatre Scene online or as a PDF.


Right Brain Performancelab’s surrealistic vaudevillian physical-theater fuses the sublime and ridiculous into a singular theatrical experience...

RBP began in 1998 in San Francisco as an experimental collaboration between dancer Jennifer Gwirtz and solo artist John Baumann. Described by Nicole Gluckstern of the SF Bay Guardian as creating a “quirkily cerebral brand of performance art,” Gwirtz and Baumann assembled like-minded artists to create full length works for the stage, site specific and alternative venues that speak fluent performance art in the style of circus, with the occasional ballet reference and enthusiastic nods towards traditional western theater forms. Now a culturally risk-taking ensemble of dancers, theater artists and musicians, they blend their disciplines to explore humanity and existence by way of metaphor.

Right Brain Performancelab has performed at ODC Theater, CounterPULSE, NOHspace, Dance Mission, The Jewish Theater, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, in private homes and site-specific locations.  

Active Repertoire

Past Works:

  • 2015 "The Elephant In The Room"
  • 2014, 2013 - "What Stays"
  • 2012 - "Gravity (and other large things.)"
  • 2010 - "The Elephant In The Room" (work-in-progress)
  • 2006 – “Objects In Mirror Are Stranger Than Fiction”
  • 2005 – “State Of The Union/Anonymous Sources”
  • 2002 – “Tempest In A Teapot", "The Bank Tour"
  • 2001 – “Drifter”
  • 1999 – “First Story,” “CAN”

Small Scale/Alternative Site Performance Works

  • 2011 – “Spies”
  • 2003 – “The New World Ergonomy”
  • 2002 – “The Bank Tour”

Right Brain Performancelab is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers’ Group.

Marvelous people

without whom none of this would be possible...

Deborah Stearns & Eryq
Sarah Davies
Jo Gray
Bob and Sarah Freedman
Loren R. Robertson
Todd Claybaugh
Lisa Claybaugh
Akiva Potok
Stephen Snyder
Dave Rodgers
Jennifer A. Minore
John Hayes
Ken Paul Rosenthal
David McKay
Lois and Richard E. Gwirtz
David Hirata
Lisa Phipps
Jerre Dye
Deb Walker
Ronnie Oliver
Melinda Baumann
Jordan Otis
Gloria BoehmYu
Edward & Tomoko Schocker

Many thanks to Coastal Repertory Theater for their assistance with our 2016 video shoot. 





The Elephant In The Room

A transcendent and exuberant romp wherein a large pachyderm-like entity invisibly inhabits the stage, intriguing and confounding a cast of clowns who dance, cavort and sing their efforts to define it, themselves and their world. This full length piece features silliness and sadness in equal measure, dance, musical numbers and physical theater with original music by composer Dave Rodgers and lighting design by Allen Willner. 

This energetic high-spirited evening is fully involving for adults and also excellent for family audiences. 

"The Elephant In The Room"

A film in three parts.


"Showtime In America"

A traveling performer ruminates about alienation and disorientation.



More coming soon!



More coming soon!

A bit about our past productions:

"The Elephant In The Room" (2010, 2015, 2016)

EITR has become RBP's signature work, first created as a vehicle for four performer-collaborators, then re-explored as a co-production with San Francisco International Arts Festival, and finally as a film with Loren Robertson of Loren Robertson Productions. In 2016, Jennifer Gwirtz and John Baumann toured a version for two performers to Capital Fringe in Washington, DC. 


"What Stays" (2013, 2014)

An epic, multiseason poetic exploration of "home." 
The first three shows took place in homes throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland and Half Moon Bay, featuring ten collaborating artists. The final event took over the Shawl-Anderson Dance Center as a co-production with SADC. 

"Gravity (and other large things.)" (2012)

A full-length evening movement-theater event about the force that holds everything together.

Core Company


Associate artists and Past collaborators

Bob Marsh

Natalie Marsh

Jennifer A. Minore

Patrick Simms

JoAnn Selisker

Bob Webb

backstage & consulting artists

Lighting Design: Allen Willner

Videography: Loren Robertson Productions

Costume Design: Lisa Claybaugh

Directorial Consultant: Christopher White

Stage Management: Bob Webb

Sound Engineer: Patrick Simms

Photography: Steven Gelberg, Kegan Marling, Lance Huntley

Masks: Masque Arrayed/Annie Hallatt



Daily Training and Improvisations for Human Bodies

This class is a basic daily physical training for artmaking from a thorough warm-up to deep, full-body motion and improvisation. Students will explore their own body mechanics and gravity as part of a detailed approach to small- and large-framed movement. Focus is on alignment and building strength, stability, balance and resilience. This class is 1 or 1.5 hours, appropriate for daily practice by both dancers and able-bodied non-dancers. -Taught by Jennifer Gwirtz and/or Laura Marsh.


This method is an enjoyable, beautifully low-impact, but fully four-dimensional practice. It is the perfect daily movement class for all ages. The class begins seated, then moves to the floor, progressing through all possible spinal motions: arch, curl, lateral bends, undulations and spirals to relax and massage the organs, create space in the joints, shape and strength in the muscles, ending with a full-body sense of length, resilience and calm. Originally created by Juliu Horvath, there are sixty and ninety-minute formats to this class. -Taught by Jennifer Gwirtz

For more specific information on GYROKINESIS®, check out Jen's site.


Seeds To Shoots: Growing New Work

Join Jennifer Gwirtz and Laura Marsh for a fun and intensive two-day workshop to grow new interdisciplinary pieces from the bottom up. This workshop is performance technique and composition with the goal of starting hardy new seedlings for new work and is for artistically adventuresome individuals of all ages and levels of experience.

The first part of each four-hour session will be conditioning movement work based on contemporary dance, Butoh, Gyrokinesis concepts, Pilates and yoga. The second half of each day will be playing with methods of work generation using words, movement, codes and games, blending and intersecting each person’s discoveries.

Each student will finish with a little work-sprout and (we hope!) some big ideas!

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Micromotions: Playing on the small scale

This class is an improvisation-based exploration of small movements, how to make them count, to give them weight and to use timing to create a dynamics of focus and energy. The goal of the work is to learn more about the tiny motions and gestures that come together to give each performer their unique qualities, to grow in awareness, control and intuition as students learn more about their deep, performative selves.  There will be a thorough dance-based warm-up. This class is geared towards seasoned performers with dance, theater or physical theater experience, to be taught as a two- to three-day workshop. Physical limitations are welcome! -Taught by Jennifer Gwirtz

Intentional Storytelling By The Seat Of Your Pants

Free yourself from text-based narrative as we create theater generated in immediate action.  This two-session class will explore how to develop plots and actionthrough a variety of methods, utilizing structured improvisation, guided group exercises and personal history.  Bring your story ideas, an open mind and comfortable clothes to move in.  This workshop is for dancers and non-dancers alike. No dance experience is necessary.  -Taught by John Baumann

Wordplay In Motion

Join us to synthesize new work with both the right and left sides of the brain! The class will use language and chance to build a short piece through Right Brain Performancelab’s signature wordplay technique. There will be a thorough dance warm-up. Prepare for a fun challenge! Bring your own thesaurus as well as any other favorite books. This class is meant to be taught either as a single, intensive workshop over two to three days or as an ongoing, weekly class over two to threeweeks.  -Taught by Jennifer Gwirtz and/or Laura Marsh

Fieldwork Work Groups

The Field/Bay Area is a peer-to-peer forum for artists to share developing works and exchange feedback. The Fieldwork method reveals how each piece is perceived by others and fosters a detailed information exchange. Incisive and stimulating critiques are guided by an experienced facilitator. The group will meet weekly for five weeks with a bare-bones showing during the final meeting. Facilitators: Jennifer Gwirtz, John Baumann, Laura Marsh, Mary Armentrout (East Bay)

The Field/Bay Area has it's own site here...