It all started when...

Our ten-year-old daughter reacted to Trump winning the election by saying that she wanted to make tiny paper taco trucks that she could pin to any and all corners everywhere. 

After we had a good chuckle we realized that that was quite a statement about our feelings that our country is built on the immigrant experience, and that all people seeking shelter should be welcomed with a clear path to citizenship. 

It also occurred to me that while we associate taco trucks with hard-working folks from Mexico, that low-wage jobs should only be a starting point. These little trucks are also a reminder that all careers should allow citizens, new and old, to support, house, educate and feed their families.

So check them out - we have two options, one-of-a-kind hand-decorated paper taco trucks, and downloadable black and white PDFs for the DIY set that can be printed out again and again, cut out, decorated and glued. 

All proceeds go towards electing future progressive politicians. (We are still looking for a good organization to send the profits - suggestions are welcome!)

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